September 27, 2021

A Journey Once Taken

A Journey Once Taken

As we continue down our advancing path, we couldn't help but thing about the very question I am sure most people do, "Are we ready for this?" I've been a father for the last 11 years and those days were just amazing moments in life you can't replace. However, am I ready to start all over again?

My daughter is currently 11 years old and has been growing way too quick for most parent's liking. She is very independent at times and we enjoy playing the occasional Minecraft together. God willing, in a years time we may be bringing another precious soul into this house. Really hope Max and Lulu get comfortable with this change quick!

There are so many different things we worry about all the time. Will the dogs accept a new child in the house? Will my daughter be excited as we are? Will she show the same love we give? Will everyone feel loved and not lone? So many different things running through our heads on this. Thanks Anxiety, really love how you always come in at the RIGHT time.

As I ponder the thought that in a months time, we may in fact be expecting. Our amazing donor has already started her medications for her cycle and we joyfully wait to hear the results in two weeks. No parent is every really ready when their child arrives. Not even existing parents know what to full expect. No one child is exactly the same as another. However, we still learn along the way.

This new chapter is not fully new to me, yet it is fully new to us as a couple and it defines a changing moment in our marriage. This is where my legacy continues and our legacy together is started. Even though we have prayed throughout this entire time, we know there are always some who don't see that this is the right path for us. These moments are those that define who we are as a couple and as individuals. No matter who objects, I am not here to please them. The gift of motherhood is something that I would never try and take away from my wife. If the possibilities are, then I am sure God will pave the way if it is in his will.

God has always been by our side through this process. He is who opened all the doors for us to get where we are today. It is God who I thank for the start of this new journey together. It may be semi familiar roads, but we are doing it together. It is never too late to expand your family. There is no set timeline on when someone should have things done. We all have our own paths and we all do things on our own time. God is who is in charge, no matter the timing, God's timing is always perfect.