October 20, 2021

Obligation to Self

Obligation to Self

Obligations...In life you always find that friends and family always try to present some sort of obligation that you might have towards them. Like they are expecting something in return for the past things they have helped you with or through. You shouldn't have to go through life having to fear that if you ask for help, you will be obligated to do something in return. Yes at times that is appropriate but it shouldn't be an expectation.

Friends and family will always try to use the guilt card so that you feel obligated to do whatever is asked of you. Life shouldn't be that way. Family shouldn't be that way. True friends shouldn't be that way. Yes there are people in life who will always expect something in return for what they do or give. However, not everyone is like that. Yes those few are rare to find and some aren't even part of your family or close circle.

When I am sitting alone listening to music in a dark room, I am not trying to please everyone around me. I am trying to reprogram the one thing in my brain that always wants to please those around me. We only have one or two obligations in this life. That is to ourselves and to the family that we create. It is not to your brothers, sisters, parents, or other relatives. It is to yourself, your spouse, your children. At the end of the day, those are the ones who truly matter in this life.

Being of the same blood doesn't mean much these days. Family is more than just blood, it is those around you who will pour goodness into your life and expect nothing in return. They are the ones who may not be blood, but are more family than our own family. Those are the friends worth keeping. Those are the rare few that don't think of their own self glory, but of the wellbeing of others.

I am not obligated to do anything for anyone. The only ones I choose to give my life for are my wife, daughter, and any future children we bring into this world. That is where my heart is, and that is where it will always stay.